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Kelvin Thomas on the club's growing reputation for developing players

8 July 2022

Kelvin Thomas is delighted with the recruitment work that has taken place so far.

Six new faces have arrived at Sixfields to date, and the Chairman says that the board of directors have continued to support the club and that recruitment.

“Our budget will be a touch higher than last year," he said.

"We have an amount that we are comfortable to lose and we work hard to get value for money with our recruitment.

“As I’ve said before we will be sensibly ambitious and although our budget might not be up there alongside some teams who can throw some huge offers out there it will certainly be a top ten budget.

“It will be a competitive budget and we can hopefully over achieve as we did last year.

“One thing that is becoming clear is that we are being seen as a club that can develop players and we will take advantage of that reputation.

"Jon Brady is brilliant at selling the club and our vision to players who he meets.

“There have been some players who would have looked at Fraser Horsfall or Charlie Goode and would rather come to us because we are seen as a progressive club.

"Some people might say we are being used as a bit of a springboard but that’s fine, players can use the club to improve and we can use those players to help us. Long gone are the days when most players stay at one club for 15 years.

"We will take advantage of that and we will take that reputation of developing players, whether it’s a loan signing or a permanent. The money being spent has distorted the league slightly but we can only focus on us and do what we can.

"Jon is very, very good at talking to players and explaining what he and what the club can do for that player."

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