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Chairman spoke to local and regional media on Thursday

12 February 2021

Northampton Town Chairman Kelvin Thomas spoke to the local and regional media on Thursday afternoon to talk about the events of this week, and you can watch the interview in full below.

The Chairman started by talking about the decision to part company with Keith Curle and his assistant Colin West, and he said it was important to remember the success they brought to the club during their tenure.

"It is a stressful time and a lot of thought goes in to a decision like this," he said.

"Keith and Colin have been here for nearly two and a half years and they have done a good job for us but it just wasn't working out this season and we felt we needed to make a change.

"Keith was doing all he could to get results. We have been talking about things, but the lack of goals was a big concern, particularly after we made changes in January to try and improve things.

"We have been unlucky with injuries to Mickel Miller and Alan Sheehan and we have missed those two players who are both important to us, but we supported Keith in the transfer window and we were looking for a little bit more. We know we need to score goals to get ourselves out of trouble and it wasn't just the lack of goals, we weren't really creating chances either, and that was a concern.

"There is a platform for us to stay up but we had concerns we would not get there without scoring the goals or creating the chances we need. We have 20 games to go and we have a chance. We have learnt a little bit from last time, maybe things then were left too late then and so that is why we have taken a look at things now.

"We must remember when Keith came in he had to turn around a losing culture at the club and full credit to him for what he did to turn that around and to get us promoted. It is very important to remember that. The timing of the decision was difficult, Keith had earned the chance to have a fair crack at things but we also wanted to have enough time left when we changed things.

"We do talk about style of play and I do think there was some unfair criticism towards Keith about that. Some of our performances last season were excellent and we had some very exciting games. We would go on good runs and I do believe that reaction to style of play is connected to results. When we lose, style of play is an issue but we when we win it isn't. For example, no one messaged me about our style of play after we beat Gillingham. But, we have already had conversations about that, I don't tell a manager how they have to play, but there will be conversations about giving our forwards chances to score goals because that is clearly what we need to do.

"Jon Brady has been around a long time. He did well at Brackley and he has some good senior first team experience. He has also done very well with the youth team. He will bring a good, positive attitude and a lot of the players know him already. Marc Richards has been his assistant for the under 18s anyway and that is a natural step for Marc to come and help out. Everyone knows Marc and his regard for the club. Sammo being there is also a help as well, I think he will have more of an advisory role but we will see how the three of them work things. It is a good group to get us through this period and we will see where we go.

"We haven't spoken to anyone else at this point. I would say that Jon is a candidate if he wants to be and we are grateful that he was happy and willing to step up in our hour of need but that conversation hasn’t happened yet and whatever happens it won’t affect his excellent work with the under 18s. We haven't had any conversations about the longer term, I am very comfortable with having the three guys overseeing things in the short term and as a board we will sit down next week and discuss things further. The games are coming so fast this season and hopefully we can get some results and that will give us more time to consider things. We will be looking in the short, medium and long term with this decision."


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