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Weight loss and lifestyle programme goes from strength to strength

5 February 2021

Fit Cobblers had a successful 2020, despite the pandemic restricting the participants from face-to-face sessions.

Fit Cobblers is not your typical weight loss programme, it focuses more on instilling lifestyle behaviour changes using sustainable methods to ensure that participants are making healthier changes for the longer term.

Over the course of the year, Fit Cobblers engaged with 37 participants in two separate Fit Cobblers blocks with everyone who completed the course losing weight with some even losing up to 15% of their starting weight.

Throughout 2020 119.4kg was lost by all the participants in total, with one participant losing 14.9kg on their own. Eleven of the participants who took part managed to lose more than 5kg with two individuals losing more than 10kg! This is all from making small lifestyle changes which lead to a healthier life.

Participant, Nic Pentelow, spoke of his experience being part of the programme.

“Before I joined Fit Cobblers, I’d spend hours in front of the laptop and do no exercise, working from home in the current climate didn’t help. My diet was poor and snacking and ordering takeaways became more frequent.

“I tried to get into some sort of fitness earlier in the year such as the couch to 5k, but I never managed to stay motivated and kept failing. However, when I saw the opportunity of joining the Fit Cobblers programme and read about its content I instantly signed up. Prior to joining I managed to walk 480,000 steps since the start of the year however, since completing the programme I have managed to walk 1.4 million steps. Since the start of the programme, I have seen a regular weight loss throughout, losing 14.9kg when starting at 95.3kg and now I am at 80.4kg. I have lost 15% of my bodyweight and I am at my lightest weight in over 5 years.”

For more information on the Fit Cobblers programme, please get in touch with our Sports Participation Officer, Akshay Mistry, at akshay.mistry

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