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An update from the Cobblers Chairman

18 December 2021

Chairman Kelvin Thomas hopes the excellent run of the last few weeks will continue when the Cobblers return to action having seen Saturday's game with Barrow called off due to Covid-19.

"We have been on an excellent run and the last few games have seen some excellent performances," he said.

"We are a good group who are good to watch, we have power and pace and I think the fans are enjoying things.

"We have momentum and we hope we can pick up where we left off when we get back to playing."

The January transfer window is fast approaching and the Chairman says the club are well placed.

"We are looking forward to January," he said.

"I have had meetings with Jon, Colin and the other staff involved in recruitment this week and what was really important was the depth and range of statistical information we now have to hand. That is a huge step forward for us and that is why we have moved in the direction we announced this week.

"The first team staff believe this advances us better and some of the data we are now working with is really in depth and with that we have strengthened the scouting system. We now have a dedicated team watching games and feeding back in to our system allowing Colin and Jon to make informed final decisions."

Finally, we asked the Chairman to update us on the East Stand and the delay around the matter going to Council Cabinet to be ratified.

"We don't really see the East Stand situation as a delay," he said. "It was maybe always ambitious to get on to December's cabinet meeting but what is important to us is when we do get to Cabinet it has been a robust process.

"We think we are there now but it is not our process and not our decision, we would have liked to have seen it happen this side of Christmas but it will be in the new year now and it is about making sure when we get to Cabinet the members can make that decision after seeing the lawyers sign things off, the QCs sign things off and it will have been through the highest level of scrutiny and understanding possible. That's why the process is so important.

"People will always have different opinions, that's life but this is going through a robust and transparent process. All the information is in the public domain and hopefully a good decision gets made for the sake of the Football Club. It is important for the club and we know we have the support of the huge majority of Cobblers supporters. Some of the final detail in the plans might be tweaked, but that will be fan led and we know we have got overwhelming support for our plans. There is not much more we can do at this point other than concentrate on winning games and allowing the Council to concentrate on their processes.”

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