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Skipper moving ever closer to a return to action

2 December 2021

While admitting it is difficult to put an exact timescale on matters, skipper Joseph Mills says he is progressing well towards a return to playing.

Mills has been out since being injured at Crawley Town in August, but is now back out on the grass, joining in with parts of training, and is pleased with his progress.

"Things are going well, I have managed to step things up and I am back out on the grass which is always nice," he said.

"I have been joining in with some of the warm ups at the start of training and some of the running and I hope I am on track for the approximate timescales we were expecting.

"It is hard to put an exact timeframe on things. I have found when you start coming back, you can be caught out by other parts of your body that you have been protecting so it is hard to put a date on things but I will be pleased if I could be back some time in January.

"Just putting the boots on and doing a few of the training exercises with the lads has been a real boost to me. At times I think I could do the whole session here but the coaches here are great at keeping me within the boundaries I need to be. I know I have a lot of hard work to get through yet and I can't jump ahead.

"I have always been a player who wants to help the team in any way and it has been great to see the recent results and performances. We have been stretched in defence and that has been tough as I want to be there helping the lads out but I know if I rush back then i'm only putting myself in harm's way and the key is to come back and stay back for the second half of the season."

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