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Some indoor venues and some non league stadiums are currently allowed to admit spectators

14 October 2020

Northampton Town Chairman Kelvin Thomas has said the club urgently needs clarity about when supporters may be able to return to stadiums and under what conditions.

He stressed that the current situation that allows spectators to visit theatres and even non-league stadiums is inconsistent and hard to understand.

"The Government has admitted there is inconsistency around what venues can open and what can't," he said.

"For our part we are doing as much as we can. We are taking part in a call with the Saints and the Steelbacks and our local MP this week to offer a collective Northampton view so that our MP is aware of our feelings.

"We are putting as much pressure on as we can. Football in general is suffering and when you see theatres with full crowds it highlights the inconsistency.

"When you also see crowds back at non-league grounds that is another inconsistency. I am pleased non-league clubs can admit crowds but surely the way the professional game can bring fans in after their pilot matches is surely less of a risk. They are generally bigger stadiums, overseen by safety advisory groups, better signage, more stewards and just more room in areas such as toilets and I can't see why some non-league grounds can let fans in and yet professional stadiums can't, even at the same percentage as non-league stadiums.

"We are very aware of season ticket holders and the product they have paid for. We have plans in place to address that but we want to make sure we do things right and in detail. We have a plan ready to publish based on certain parameters but we need to know from the Government what is happening and when and under what conditions fans can come back before we can finalise that."

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