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Midfielder says squad keen to repay the club and the Chairman

26 May 2020

Midfielder Alan McCormack has praised the way the Chairman, the Directors and the staff have dealt with the current Covid 19 situation.

He says that the players will always be grateful for the way things have been handled, and that has only increased their determination to try and win promotion.

"The reaction of the whole club to this situation has been fantastic," he said.

"Nicky Adams said it right the other day when he said how grateful we are as players for the way the club have handled this and how they have kept us informed.

"The Chairman has been meeting online with the senior players every week, we have always been kept in the loop and we will always be grateful for the way the club have treated us.

"Everything has been open and truthful, the club have stuck to their word and the Chairman has stuck to his word and when we talked about the play off bonuses we didn't even pause. All of the senior boys, the senior group who have regular Zoom meetings with the Chairman, said we were happy to forgo them when we spoke about it, then when we spoke to the rest of the squad they were all happy to do the same, as we knew they would be. There are some really tough stories from other clubs but having been treated so well here then the least we could do is lessen the burden. The best way of showing our gratitude to the club now is to try and get the club promoted, if we can do that it will go a hell of a long way to saying thank you to the club.

"From the very start, the Chairman explained everything. That gave us a lot of reassurance and the Chairman has been honest and really good with how he has gone about his business. That helped us relax and make us even more determined to repay the Chairman and the club."

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