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Chairman Kelvin Thomas hoping matters will become clearer within the next week

7 May 2020

Chairman Kelvin Thomas says the club will offer clarity to players who are out of contract as soon as the club is able to.

In normal years, players who are out of contract each summer are told in early May if they will be offered a new deal, but that hasn't been possible yet this year with the season currently suspended.

"Some of the players are out of contract this summer and in a usual situation they would know by now who would be offered a new contract and who would be released," he said.

"We have made a commitment that as soon as we know what is happening with the season we will let them know the contract situation and they were very appreciative of that and of the communication we are giving them. We are speaking regularly to them about the issues that we as a club are facing and the issues the players as individuals will face. I would hope that we will have a much better idea next week where we are at and we can start making decisions. It is a very tough time for everyone, the players included, particularly for those looking for a new contract when clubs don't know what is going on. The situation is affecting everyone in the country and we need to get through things together.

"We are very much in favour of more radical thinking in terms of what needs to happen in football. Covid has focused a lot of minds about football needing to change and to change its business model and this current situation has sped up that process. As an industry we need to be less reliant on owner finances, we need to be able to withstand things that come along and we need to ensure we have a competitive balance. I think League 2 has a better competitive balance than the Premier League and is less of a known quantity but ways to deal with all of this are salary caps, control of spending and squad sizes. Our biggest expense is our player wages and we need some element of control to avoid over stretching."

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