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The Cobblers boss says he wants people to dislike playing against the Cobblers

11 March 2020

Northampton Town manager Keith Curle has said he will make no apologies for making his teams competitive.

The Cobblers boss says his side pride themselves on their willingness to put their bodies on the line for the club, and was speaking after suggestions from Mansfield Town manager Graham Coughlan who made some comments about the Cobblers physical style of play after last Saturday's game at the PTS Academy Stadium.
Curle says he doesn't read or listen to what other managers say. He said: 
"I don't listen to what other managers have to say, it's as simple as that. Every manager has got their opinion and they're entitled to that opinion.
"They're able to voice what their thoughts are and good luck to them."
The Cobblers boss does however believe that people do label his team in a certain way.
"We are physical and we are competitive but I don't want us to be a soft touch for anyone and I don't apologise for that," he said.
"We are representing a proud club and I was us to be tough to play against. I want us to be hard to beat, I want us to win games and I want people to know they have been in a game against us. Do we go too far? I don't think we do, there is not too much in the foul count for or against in any of the last few games. We don't take a step back and never will but I don't think we go too far.
"We are not a soft touch for anyone. I want people to dislike playing against us and I'm not apologising for that."


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