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We asked Sam a variety of questions to help get to know him better!

18 March 2020

To go alongside our #MyJourneySoFar series, we're also introducing #20QuestionsWith as we look to find out more about our first-team squad. First up, Sam Hoskins!

1) What’s your first footballing memory, either playing or watching?

"In terms of me playing, I remember the first game I played for my local team, I was playing an age group up and we didn’t have any proper goals. We’d have to use poles instead!

"I remember taking a shot from long range which went over the ‘keeper, but I wasn’t sure if it counted as a goal or not. The reaction of my team-mates suggested it was below the crossbar (that didn’t physically exist), and thankfully it did count, so that memory has always stuck with me.

"For my first memory of watching football, it’s the 1999 Champions League final where Manchester United beat Bayern Much with two late goals, as a United fan that was a special game to watch."

2) Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

"I’d have to say my Mum. She would take me to and from training and games all the time. Wherever I needed to be she’d be available to take me, and that support was massive."

3) Which player(s) inspired you the most whilst growing up?

"To start off with, it was David Beckham. I’m a Manchester United fan and used to watch all the England games, he was a special player. Nowadays, I’d say Cristiano Ronaldo.

"He’s still playing at the top level and has a great career which shows no signs of slowing down.

"It’s also nice for me to wear a number that they both wore, as my squad number is 7. I wore it a few times in my youth team days and I always seemed to play well when I wore it, so that’s why it’s stuck with me."

4) If you could re-invent yourself as a player in a different position, where would you play?

"Obviously I know I’m not the tallest, but I’d actually fancy myself in goal! I’ve played pretty much everywhere else, and I was a striker growing up, so I’d say that’s my most natural position, but I’d definitely have liked to experience being in goal as well!"

5) Who is the best player you’ve either played with or against?

"I’ve been lucky enough to play against Wayne Rooney a few times. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also involved when we played Manchester United in 2016 and he’s a special player.

"In terms of playing with, I’d say Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I played with him at Southampton and it was clear to see he’d go on to have a fantastic career. 

"At such a young age he had so much ability and now it looks as though he’s about to win the Premier League title, so that’s an amazing achievement for him."

6) Do you have any pre-match superstitions/routines?

"I always try to eat the same food the night before a game, and on the day of a game – especially if I play well the previous game or if we get a result.

"I also put everything on my left side first, such as my left boot, left shin-pad etc. Although I may have to change a few things after the way my last game panned out!"

7) Away from football, are you interested in any other sports?

"I used to play tennis a lot, I really enjoy playing when I can. I don’t get too much time to play anymore but when I was growing up I played a lot.

"I always preferred Rafael Nadal because he was the first one to really come and challenge Roger Federer. Federer is obviously the best to have played the game but I’m a big fan of Nadal and enjoy watching him play."

8) At school, what was your favourite and least favourite subject?

"I’d say P.E! I can’t say I enjoyed too many others to be honest. I was actually alright at Maths, but I didn’t like Science too much, Physics was always hard!"

9) If you could travel to a place you’ve never visited before, where would you go?

"I’ve never been to America, there’s loads of places within the U.S where I’d love to go, particularly Las Vegas. I’d say Australia as well. I like going to different places, but it depends what type of holiday it was! I like sun so anywhere with a bit of heat really."

10) If you were stuck in a lift with a current Northampton Town team-mate, who would you like it to be and who would you hope to avoid?

"I do get on really well with Jordan Turnbull, so I’d say him. To be fair, I’d avoid Shaun McWilliams because his banter is not the best and he’d actually agree with me on that. He’d bore me to tears I think!"

11) Who has the worst banter in the squad?

"Again, I'll say Shaun. I’ll give him credit because he tries, but it’s not great."

12) What’s your speciality in the kitchen?

"I don’t really have a particular dish, but I do like cooking. I feel as though I’m quite capable of cooking decent meals. I’m not saying I’m Gordon Ramsey but I’m not too bad.

"We have to eat a lot of healthy food which can become quite basic in terms of meals, but I’d like to think if I needed to cook a more advanced meal then I’d be able to.

"I’ve actually cooked Christmas dinner twice as well. The first time I did it by myself, and the second time was at Jordan Turnbull’s house.

"Me and my girlfriend went round to visit and the original plan was for him to cook, but we got there and they were scrambling a bit so I stepped in and took over. Thankfully it turned out well in the end!"

13) Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

"There’s not too much time to get involved with much to be honest, as we spend our time either training, playing or recovering. If we go get some downtime I try and get back to visit my family in Southampton, it’s always nice to go home and visit them."

14) What’s your favourite film?

"I love comedy films so I’d have to say something such as Step Brothers. Anything with Will Ferrell is a good watch because he’s hilarious. I don’t mind action films either so anything along those lines really."

15) If you weren’t a professional footballer, which route would you have gone down?

"I’m not sure to be honest. Being a footballer was all I wanted to do, and when I joined Southampton I managed to work my way up and it became a genuine chance of a career, so I haven’t thought too much about which other route I’d have gone down if it didn’t work out."

16) Which Netflix/TV series would you recommend watching?

"The first series of Prison Break was special, so I’d recommend that for sure. I’d also say Entourage, Californication, I’m currently half way through the Walking Dead which is good so far, and Breaking Bad was good, too.

17) It’s your turn on the karaoke, which song do you choose?

"I’m not sure to be honest! I’ve done some initiation songs during my career. At Southampton I sang the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song, which was a tough one, but it went down well.

"In terms of karaoke, I’d maybe pick something that everyone can get involved with, such as Sweet Caroline."

18) You’re stuck on a desert island, which three items do you take with you?

"I’d take a blow up boat so I could try and float somewhere, some food and drink, and a phone to arrange someone to come and rescue me, if I could get a signal!"

19) Do you have any pets, and if so, which ones?

"No pets right now, either in Northampton or Southampton. Although me and my girlfriend do want to get a dog so we’re looking into that at the moment."

20) Which piece of advice would you pass on to a younger player?

"Just to play as much football as you can. Get experience, train as much as you can and the practice will pay off. You can never practice too much.

"Also, don’t get down-heartened when you get setbacks as it’s all part of life, nothing will always go your way but you can make the best of everything and continue to work as hard as you can."

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