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Nicky is next up to answer our set of questions...

29 March 2020



Nicky is next up to answer our set of questions...

29 March 2020

Following on from Nicky's #MyJourneySoFar, he also takes the time to answer our set of questions...

1) What’s your first footballing memory, either playing or watching?

“Growing up watching the 1994 World Cup and Euro 1996 really made me fall in love with football. It was the same for everyone at the time and I loved watching Brazil. After the games I’d go out in the street and try and replicate the step-overs and other skills.

“Then it was watching England in the Euro’s two years later, it was special because it was held in this country and Paul Gascoigne is one of my football heroes, so I’d try and be him in the playground. So I’d definitely say those two tournaments stick out for me as my earliest memories.”

2) Who’s had the biggest influence on your career?

“I’ll definitely say my family have had the biggest influence. I fell in love with football at a very young age and my footballing heroes, away from the ones we watch on TV, are my brother and my Dad. I followed them everywhere, my brother was a really good striker who unfortunately didn’t quite make it in the game and my Dad played at a good level, too.

"My Mum was really important as well as she’d take me to all my training sessions and games when I was young. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my whole family.”

3) Which player(s) inspired you the most whilst growing up?

“Paul Gascoigne and the Brazilian Ronaldo have always stood out for me, and everyone knows what I think of Lionel Messi. For me, he’s the best ever player and I’m also a massive fan of Iniesta.”

4) If you could re-invent yourself as a player in a different position, where would you play?

“I’m not sure to be honest, before I had my bad injury I was a tricky winger or an attacking number 10, but I’ve played wing-back ever since so I’ve already re-invented myself! I was always a central midfielder as a kid, but I wasn’t the biggest when I was coming through, and at that time it was all about being big and athletic in midfield, so I was moved out to the wing. If I could choose a different position, I’d be a central midfielder again.

5) Who’s the best player you’ve played with?

“For Wales under 21’s I played with Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsey, they were both unbelievable talents. I played with a lot of good players at Leicester, including Richie Wellens, an outstanding player who could’ve played in the Premier League, and Nolberto Solano. He was unbelievable, I don’t think I ever saw him lose the ball even though he couldn’t run much at the time!

6) Do you have any pre-match superstitions/routines?

“Not really, I just try and be as chilled and relaxed as possible.”

7) Away from football, are you interested in any other sports?

“I love boxing. I like watching it and my son, Archie, is boxing now and he loves it. He trains with a couple of other talented lads and watching them is superb. I love it but I don’t really know too much about it and I hope once they start amateur fights I’ll be getting stuck in and watching them along with the other talented lads at Metro Gym in Bolton.”

8) At school, what was your favourite and least favourite subject?

“Apart from P.E, I didn’t really enjoy school one bit! I didn’t really have the attention span for any of the others, but I’ll say P.E was my favourite.”

9) If you could travel to a place you’ve never visited before, where would you go?

“I’m not sure to be honest, I’ll have to have a longer think!”

10) If you were stuck in a lift with a current Northampton team-mate, who would you like it to be and who would you hope to avoid?

“There’s a few I’d like to avoid because they’ll send you to sleep! Scott Wharton is my car-school mate, so I’ll say him to be stuck with. I banter him every day already, but I’d have to avoid Shaun McWilliams. He thinks he’s Ghost from Power! But he’s miles off it and me and the lads hammer him every day.”

11) Who has the worst banter in the squad?

“There’s some bad ones to be fair. There’s a little group which includes Charlie Goode, Harry Smith and Sam Hoskins. They do make me laugh though but they’re like big kids at times! Alan McCormack is a little silent assassin as well. We’re lucky to have a great group of lads and we all get on really well.”

12) What’s your speciality in the kitchen?

“Unless it’s a microwave meal, I don’t have many other skills! I’m terrible in the kitchen.”

13) Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

“I’m mainly out with the kids all the time. They’re my life, along with my missus, Megan. We go on long walks and take the dog out and have a lot of fun. I like having a game of pool at my brother’s pub back home when I can. I usually go in midweek when it’s nice and quiet and just have a few games there.

14) What’s your favourite film?

“I’m massive on films, I could go on all day about my favourites! Me and Jordan Turnbull are really keen, we’d probably go and watch a Marvel films dressed up in costumes. Vadaine loves his films, too. I like anything with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro or Denzel Washington. Forrest Gump is also one of my favourite films.”

15) If you weren’t a professional footballer, which route would you have gone down?

“I’m not lying when I say this, but football saved my life. I probably would’ve been in a spot of bother if I didn’t make it as a footballer. I’ve always been a family man and I never wanted to let them down. My family also have their own kitchen place so something along those lines that would keep me busy and pay the bills.”

16) Which Netflix/TV series would you recommend watching?

“Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Narcos – anything like that.”

17) It’s your turn on the karaoke, which song do you choose?

“50 Cent, Many Men! Or a bit of Neil Diamond.”

18) You’re stuck on a desert island, which three items do you take with you?

“A picture of my missus and kids, a football and a lot of factor 50 sun cream!”

19) Do you have any pets, and if so which ones?

“We have a dog called Lola, she’s more like a horse! But we love her.”

20) If you could pass on some advice to a younger player, what would it be?

“Work as hard as you possibly can and believe in yourself. Give it everything you’ve got and enjoy what you do.”

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