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Find out more about Charlie as he answers our questions

1 April 2020



Find out more about Charlie as he answers our questions

1 April 2020

The next player in the #20QuestionsWith hot-seat is team captain, Charlie Goode!

1) What’s your first footballing memory, either playing or watching?

“I can’t really think of too many really young ones in terms of playing, but one that has always stood out for me is watching David Beckham’s free-kick against Greece in 2001. I just remember the whole house going mental when that ball hit the net!”

2) Who’s had the biggest influence on your career?

“My family, for sure. My Mum and my Dad took me everywhere I needed to be when I was younger, whether it be training or games or anything like that. My Dad was into football, he scouted and coached so he was a big influence on me. I lost my Mum suddenly 2-3 years ago so everything I do now from this point onwards is for her. It had a big effect on me but I’d like to think I’ve come out on the other side.”

3) Which player(s) inspired you the most whilst growing up?

“I know it sounds silly being a centre-back now, but I’d have to say Thierry Henry! Being an Arsenal fan he’s probably one of, if not the, best player we’ve ever had so I’d have to go with him. In terms of defenders, John Terry has been the best I’ve seen, for sure.”

4) If you could re-invent yourself as a player in a different position, where would you play?

“The thought of scoring goals every would is nice but I’d quite like to be a holding midfield player if I could choose anywhere else. There’s a lot of good players around that can play in that position and I think the higher up you go that role becomes a lot bigger.”

5) Who’s the best player you’ve played with or against?

“I didn’t actually play in this game as I was on the bench, but we played against Middlesbrough when Adama Traore was there, and he was frightening. That’s probably the only day I’ve been glad to be on the bench! His pace was something out of this world.”

6) Do you have any pre-match superstitions/routines?

“You can ask the lads, I’m probably the most superstitious person in the dressing room! The night before each game I’ll always eat the same meal, and if we lose, I’ll change that meal to something else. I wear the same boxers, socks and boots. You get into a habit of doing those things and if you go on a bit of a bad run you mix things up a bit.”

7) Away from football, are you interested in any other sports?

“I’ve always been quite a sporty person. I play a bit of snooker sometimes with Harry Smith, a bit of table-tennis, darts, anything really.”

8) At school, what was your favourite and least favourite subject?

“My favourite, as a lot of the lads have said, was P.E. That’s the obvious one for all of us who grew up enjoying sport. My least favourite was History. I had no real desire to learn it, to be honest!”

9) If you could travel to a place you’ve never visited before, where would you go?

“I haven’t been to Vegas yet, I think that would probably be the one I’d like to do. Although with the current situation as it is, I think that might have to be one for the future.”

10) If you were stuck in a lift with a current Northampton team-mate, who would you like it to be and who would you like to avoid?

“That’s a tough one! To be stuck with, I’d probably say Ando. He’s quite clever, he’s not annoying and he could probably help us get out. I don’t want to look like I’m copying the other lads, but I’d avoid Shaun McWilliams as well. You can include Cam McWilliams in with that too! They’re both very similar.”

11) Who has the worst banter in the squad?

“Shaun’s up there. Recently, and I’m not sure where it’s come from, but Reece Hall-Johnson has put himself up there, too.”

12) What’s your speciality in the kitchen?

“I’m a bolognaise man. That’s my go-to. I like to have that the night before each game.”

13) Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

“I like to play quite a lot of darts. Just mainly the games that don’t take too much out of you energy wise, because it’s important to rest as much as we can in between training and games.”

14) What’s your favourite film?

“I don’t really watch too many films, I’m more of a reality TV guy. The Wolf of Wall Street is very good though.”

15) If you weren’t a professional footballer, which route would you have gone down?

“My family have their own business and that’s what I was doing before I started playing professionally. At the time, I probably wasn’t that great at the role but I was beginning to master it just as I started playing full-time, so I would’ve carried on down that route.”

16) Which Netflix/TV series would you recommend watching?

“Prison Break, especially the first series. The lads have got me in to watching Power as well, that’s very good.”

17) It’s your turn on the karaoke, which song do you choose?
“Wherever I’ve been, my initiation song has been Take That – Back for Good, so I’d probably have to go for that!”

18) You’re stuck on a desert island, which three items do you take with you?

“My phone, a nice bottle of full-fat Coca-Cola and maybe a pedalo or something!”

19) Do you have any pets, and if so which ones?

“We’ve got three shiatzus at home, but they weren’t my choice to be honest. I think if it was up to me, we’d have a big dog!”

20) If you could pass on some advice to a younger player, what would it be?

“Just to work as hard as you possibly can and always believe in yourself and your ability.”

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