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Schedule confirmed for PTS Academy Stadium tournament on 18/19 May

8 May 2019

The draw for the 2019 Cobblers Cup has taken place. The Cobblers Cup is a football tournament for youth football teams that runs from U7’s through to U10’s with teams getting to play on the pitch at the PTS Academy Stadium, and will take place on May 18th and 19th.

The under 8s will play in the morning of Saturday 18th May, with the under 10s in the afternoon on the same day.

The under 7s will play on Sunday 19th May in the morning, with the under 9s in action on the Sunday afternoon.

Pitch 1
09:30 Willen FC Launchers v Blisworth Yellows
09:45 A* Academy of Football v Wellingborough OG's Youth
10:00 Thunder FC v A* Academy of Football
10:15 Wellingborough OG's Youth v Willen FC Launchers
10:30 Wellingborough OG's Youth v Blisworth Yellows
10:45 Thunder FC v Willen FC Launchers
11:00 Willen FC Launchers v A* Academy of Football
11:15 Blisworth Yellows v Thunder FC
11:30 Thunder FC v Wellingborough OG's Youth
11:45 A* Academy of Football v Blisworth Yellows

Pitch 2
09:30 Deanshanger Colts Rebels v Oxford City
09:45 Willen FC Rockets v SYL Blisworth
10:00 Bicester Colts FC v Willen FC Rockets
10:15 SYL Blisworth v Deanshanger Colts Rebels
10:30 SYL Blisworth v Oxford City
10:45 Bicester Town Colts FC v Deanshnager Colts Rebels
11:00 Deanshanger Colts Rebels v Willen FC Rockets
11:15 Oxford City v Bicester Town Colts FC
11:30 Bicester Colts FC v SYL Blisworth
11:45 Willen FC Rockets v Oxford City

Pitch 3
09:30 Mawsley FC v Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy
09:45 Brackley Athetic v Middleton Cheney
10:00 Deanshanger Colts Predators v Brackley Athletic
10:15 Middleton Cheney v Mawsley FC
10:30 Middleton Cheney v Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy
10:45 Deanshanger Colts Predators v Mawsley FC
11:00 Mawsley FC v Brackley Athletic
11:15 Oxfordsahire Skill Acquisition Academy v Deanshanger Colts Predators
11:30 Deanshanger Colts Predators v Middleton Cheney
11:45 Brackley Athletic v Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy

Pitch 4
09:30 303 Polish Soccer Club v Kingsthorpe Jets Kestrals
09:45 Wollaston Victoria YFC v Blisworth Greens
10:00 FC Aztec v Wollaston Victoria YFC
10:15 Blisworth Greens v 303 Polish Soccer Club
10:30 Blisworth Greens v Kingsthorpe Jets Kestrals
10:45 FC Aztec v 303 Polish Soccer Club
11:00 303 Polish Soccer Club v Wollaston Victoria YFC
11:15 Kingsthorpe Jets Kestrals v FC Atec
11:30 FC Aztec v Blisworth Greens
11:45 Wollaston Victoria YFC v Kingsthorpe Jets Kestrals

Pitch 1
13:00 FC Aztec Phoenix v Deanshanger Colts
13:15 Middleton Cheney FC v Corby Kingswood
13:30 Corby Kingswood v FC Aztec Phoenix
13:45 Middleton Cheney FC v Deanshanger Colts
14:00 FC Aztec Phoenix v Middleton Cheney FC
14:15 Corby Kingswood v Deanshanger Colts

Pitch 2
13:00 Thunder FC v Easington Sports
13:15 Kettering FC Reds v Elite United
13:30 Elite United v Thunder FC
13:45 Kettering FC Reds v Easington Sports
14:00 Thunder FC v Kettering FC Reds
14:15 Elite United v Easington Sports

Pitch 3
13:00 Wellingborough OG's v Shenley FC Falcons
13:15 Oxford City v Wollaston Vics YFC
13:30 Wollaston Vics YFC v Wellingborough OG's
13:45 Oxford City v Shenley FC Falcons
14:00 Wellingborough OG's v Oxford City
14:15 Wollaston Vics YFC v Shenley FC Falcons

Pitch 4
13:00 Parklands Tigers Ambers v Wellingborough OG's Spitfires
13:15 Weedon FC Yellow v MK Wanderers Hawks
13:30 MK Wanderers Hawks v Parklands Tigers Ambers
13:45 Weedon FC Yellow v Wellingborough OG's Spitfires
14:00 Parklandsa Tigers Ambers v Weedon FC Yellow
14:15 MK Wanderers Hawks v Wellingborough OG's Spitfires

Pitch 1
09:30 Gregory Celtic Green v Aspley Guise Pythons
09:45 Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy v Tattenhoe Youth Tigers
10:00 Moulton Magpies White v Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy
10:15 Tattenhoe Youth Tigers v Gregory Celtic Green
10:30 Tattenhoe Youth Tigers v Aspley Guise Pythons
10:45 Moulton Magpies White v Gregory Celtic Green
11:00 Gregory Celtic Green v Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy
11:15 Aspley Guise Pythons v Moulton Magpies White
11:30 Moulton Magpies White v Tattenhoe Youth Tigers
11:45 Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy v Aspley Guise Pythons

Pitch 2
09:30 A* Academy of Football 1 v Gregory Celtic White
09:45 Tattenhoe Youth FC Panthers v Towcester Town Foxes
10:00 Santos Panthers v Tattenhoe Youth FC Panthers
10:15 Towcester Town Foxes v A* Academy of Football 1
10:30 Towcester Town Foxes v Gregory Celtic White
10:45 Santos Panthers v A* Academy of Football 1
11:00 A* Academy of Football 1 v Tattenhoe Youth FC Panthers
11:15 Gregory Celtic White v Santos Panthers
11:30 Santos Panthers v Towcester Town Foxes
11:45 Tattenhoe Youth FC Panthers v Gregory Celtic White

Pitch 3
09:30 Willen Hornets v Wellingborough OG's Hurricanes
09:45 Thunder FC v Deanshanger Colts Mustangs
10:00 A* Academy of Football 2 v Thunder FC
10:15 Deanshanger Colts Mustangs v Willen Hornets
10:30 Deanshanger Colts Mustangs v Wellingborough OG's Hurricanes
10:45 A* Academy of Football 2 v Willen Hornets
11:00 Willen Hornets v Thunder FC
11:15 Wellingborough OG's Hurricanes v A* Academy of Football 2
11:30 A* Academy of Football 2 v Deanshanger Colts Mustangs
11:45 Thunder FC v Wellingborough OG's Hurricanes

Pitch 4
09:30 FFA Escola v Moulton Magpies Black
09:45 Rugby Town Pumas v Deanshanger Colts Stallions
10:00 Wellingborough OG's v Rugby Town Pumas
10:15 Deanshanger Colts Stallions v FFA Escola
10:30 Deanshanger Colts Stallions v Moulton Magpies Black
10:45 Wellingborough OG's v FFA Escola
11:00 FFA Escola v Rugby Town Pumas
11:15 Moulton Magpies Black v Wellingborough OG's
11:30 Wellingborough OG's v Deanshanger Colts Stallions
11:45 Rugby Town Pumas v Moulton Magpies Black

 Pitch 1
13:00 AFC Dunstable v Daventry Town
13:15 Scot FC v STL Blisworth
13:30 SYL Blisworth v AFC Dunstable
13:45 Scot FC v Daventry Town
14:00 AFC Dunstable v Scot FC
14:15 SYL Blisworth v Daventry Town

Pitch 2
13:00 Bugbrooke St Michaels Whites v St Josephs
13:15 Thunder FC v Middleton Cheney FC
13:30 Middleton Cheney FC v Bugbrooke St Michaels Whites
13:45 Thunder FC v St Josephs
14:00 Bugbrooke St Michaels Whites v Thunder FC
14:15 Middleton Cheney FC v St Josephs

Pitch 3
13:00 Winslow United Pumas v Blisworth Blue
13:15 Woburn & Wavendon Whirlwinds v Bure Park Juniors
13:30 Bure Park Juniors v Winslow United Pumas
13:45 Woburn & Wavendon Whirlwinds v Blisworth Blue
14:00 Winslow United Pumas v Woburn & Wavendon Whirlwinds
14:15 Bure Park Juniors v Blisworth Blue

Pitch 4
13:00 Woburn & Wavendon Tornadoes v Stanwick Rovers
13:15 Parklands Tigers v Great Doddington Pumas
13:30 Great Doddington Pumas v Woburn & Wavendon Tornadoes
13:45 Parklands Tigers v Stanwick Rovers
14:00 Woburn & Wavendon Tornadoes v Parklands Tigers Ambers
14:15 Great Doddington Pumas v Stanwick Rovers

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