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Helping those taking part to lose weight

5 July 2019

Fitter Fans is returning for its second term!

The free project funded by Sport England saw a total of 19 participants take part in structured, weekly sessions over of the past 12 weeks.

The programme, targeting men with a BMI over 26.5 or a waist size of 38 inches or larger supported them to make subtle changes to their lifestyle that have made a huge impact on their health.

The content covered in the programme includes diet and nutrition information and help, learning the understanding food labelling, sleeping tips, stress management help and how to build physical activity into their daily routines.

The results have been extremely positive with 100% of the participants completing the first programme losing weight and a total of 62.2kg lost in total between the group.

One of the participants lost a huge 8.9kg over the 12 weeks which equated to a loss of over 5% of his body weight.

A total of 6 participants lost 5% or more of their starting bodyweight by the end of the programme which significantly reduces several health risks.

It is not only on the scales where improvements have been seen, the participants growth in confidence to try and participate in new activities and feel much happier as a result of their weight loss. They also feel the knowledge they have been given has provided them the tools to lead a much healthier and fitter life.

David Bandey was part of the programme in its first term, he had this to say, “The programme has helped me stabilise my routine so I can have meals at regular times and with the addition of new exercises It has helped me lose some weight, I feel fitter, more active and I have a lot more energy than I did 12 weeks ago.”

Northampton Town Sports Participation Officer, Akshay Mistry, is the leading course for the Fitter Fans project and he believes that it is not just a weight loss programme.

He said: “Fitter Fans is not just a weight loss programme, but an initiative that actively looks to improve the lifestyles of the participants by making small changes to their behaviour and habits that are currently leading them to live an unhealthy lifestyle.”

The second block of the FREE programme will be starting on Thursday 18th July at PTS Academy Stadium, Upton Way, Northampton NN5 5QA from 7.30-9.30pm.

If you would like to get involved you can sign up here or you can call 01604 683726.

For more information on Fitter Fans and other courses that we offer, please contact our Sports Participation Officer, Akshay Mistry by email at

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