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30 June 2014

Your questions answered

A number of supporters have contacted us with questions about the new Executive Boxes here at Sixfields. We are pleased to publish answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

Does the box have to be purchased by one person/business or can they be shared? 
We already have a number of people who have contacted the club to express their interest in sharing a box next season. There are a few companies who are happy to have half a box and share with another company, as well as individual supporters who would like to buy one or two places in a box with other likeminded people. We’re building a list of these people, if there is anyone out there who were unable to commit to buying a whole box and would like to look at sharing one, please contact the commercial department at

Are the boxes enclosed or do they have outside seating? 
All boxes have ten padded seats directly in front of each box on the new balcony being constructed. 

What is the ‘grazing menu’ described in the literature and is the food served to the box? 
Firstly, the food will be served in the boxes by the waiting staff. The grazing menu concept is something that our new catering partners Centerplate have had a great deal of success with at their other venues, which include White Hart Lane and the Liverpool Echo Arena. The grazing menu food sits between the old fashioned buffet and a formal sit-down meal. It is a relaxed way of dining, with fresh food being brought out from the kitchen throughout the pre-match dining period. No matter when they arrive before the game, guests will be able to enjoy freshly prepared food, rather than picking at food that has been out for a period of time and gone cold. The grazing menu allows guests to eat at their own pace and mingle with other people in the box. 

Can we have a more formal meal if we want? 
Yes you can. You will be provided with a price list for upgrading the food option to a three-course grazing menu with a dessert or to a more formal option with a sit-down meal. The box set-up can also be changed to a more formal feel.

How was the pricing put together? 
A great deal of research was done into what other similar sized clubs charge for corporate boxes. The prices each clubs charged varied greatly. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at these prices; the size of the box, how many people they hold, how many boxes in total at the stadium, age of the boxes and what catering was available. Some clubs have boxes available for as little as £7k + VAT per season and others were charging as much as £18k + VAT. The boxes here will be brand new and are will comfortably fit ten people. Some stadiums had a large number of boxes, so understandably charged a lot less to fill them. Rather than having lots of small, cramped boxes, we decided that we’d rather have a smaller number of quality boxes, going for quality over quantity. One issue that did arise when talking to people who have bought boxes at other venues, was a frustration that at many of them don’t include food within their packages. The additional cost of food then grew over the season, as well as also having the hassle of going through invoicing and payment process every couple of weeks. With this in mind, we have included food within the package price, making it easier to budget and avoid any disagreements in shared boxes over who has purchased food. One down side to including food within the packages, is that it arguably makes the boxes look more expensive than they are. The reality is that the boxes are actually only around £11,000 + VAT per season without the food.

We will be restricted to only going into our box on matchdays? 
While no-one else within the stand are permitted access to the box level on the second floor, box holders and guests are free to use the other facilities available. You will be able to visit the Family Fun Village on the ground floor and pop into the Legends Lounge on the first floor.

Can we watch the match from our box? 
Provided none of the guests are drinking alcohol while the game is taking place (Football Licencing Regulations), then you can watch the game from the comfort of your corporate box. The club have no control over these regulations, which prohibit the consumption of alcohol in view of the pitch during the match. Each box will have fitted blinds, which can be pulled across to cover the window should guests wish to continue consuming alcohol within the prohibited times. 

Where will the parking spaces be? 
Parking for the box holders will be in the North Stand Car Park located directly behind the North Stand (not to be confused with the North Gravel Car Park at the top of the hill.) This is a very short walk around the north-east corner of the stadium.

Is there access for guests in wheelchairs? 
Yes there is, there will be two lifts within the stand, which will reach all floors. Each box has a viewing platform for a wheelchair next to the seats outside the boxes.

Do you have any other questions? email and we will be delighted to assist.

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