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27 June 2014

Image of the new East Stand at Sixfields

We are pleased to present the artist's impression drawings of the new East Stand and the luxury suites being added to the West Stand here at Sixfields.

Supporters should note these drawings are for guidance and information only. 

The new East Stand will house a large supporters concourse area including an indoor village for fans which will contain an interactive family fun area for supporters, bars, food outlets and the Legends Lounge. There will also be a commercially operated gym as part of the stand. 

Seating capacity in the new East Stand will increase from around 1,800 to 3,100, and an elevated wheelchair supporters viewing area is in front of the glassed doors.

There will be a small number of seats that have a restricted view of certain parts of the pitch in the new stand, but these will be less than the above impression shows.

We have been delighted with the level of interest shown in the Executive Boxes and Legends Lounge, but there is still time to get in touch by email to if you would like to enjoy next season from the luxury of a box or spend some time in the Legends Lounge.

More details are available on these links:

Executive Boxes

Legends Lounge

The West Stand will see the luxury suites added, with the club’s hotel and conference centre being built adjacent to the stand. A planning application for the conference centre will be made in September and the club anticipate this being operational within 6 months, possibly less.

More details are available on this link:

West Stand luxury suites

Also included in the new West Stand is a new club shop, new club offices, new dressing rooms for home and away teams and new changing facilities for the match officials, a new office for the manager, a players gymnasium, a players medical area, an away supporters bar, a home supporters bar and a media room.

Some of these facilities will not be operational for the start of the season, but will become operational when the club's conference centre opens.

Other, general improvements to the stadium include new, improved floodlights, new seats in all stands and a new, improved PA system.

Other improvements for supporters are planned and we will make further announcements in due course.

"We are as frustrated as supporters that these images have taken such a long time  to be ready. However this has not held anything up as builders work from plans not graphics, and we thank supporters for their trust and patience," said Chairman David Cardoza.

"It is an exciting time of change for the club and we have worked really hard to ensure that the income generated from this redevelopment helps lift the club's infrastructure on to another level.

"Not only are we rebuilding one stand and adding boxes, an indoor fans village, a Legends Lounge and an indoor family area, the club will also have a hotel and conference centre and there are not many clubs at any level who can say that. We have worked hard to ensure we achieve the maximum results from the redevelopment money and we are delighted to be able to achieve what we have.

"The redevelopment will bring increased capacity but there was no point in sacrificing some facilities to build extra seats. There was no business sense in building extra seats if the club wasn't going to able to generate the income to deliver a team that was capable of filling them, either now or in the future. This initial redevelopment is about improving the club's infrastructure and giving the club solid, sustainable income streams, both on matchday and non-matchdays meaning that ultimately the club won't have to rely on the ups and downs of football fortune or the support of any one individual.

"We have plans where we can increase the capacity again if and when we are as successful as we all hope we will be. The club won't be held back by that.

"The changes to the West Stand are to help the club's infrastructure and to lift the facilities we can offer the players and staff, to create a better working and a more professional environment.

"We are also making big improvements with new, much improved floodlighting and a new PA system.

"The club has never before, in its 117 year history, had such facilities or such opportunities to generate income and we will carry out further development work if we progress up the Football League as we all hope we will. This initial phase of work, which will continue into next season, was about achieving maximum return for the club from the redevelopment money available and about giving the club maximum opportunity to keep earning from those facilities day after day, month after month and year after year.

"The period of change will continue into next season. Some of the facilities, including the increased seating capacity, will be ready for the start of the season. Some of the facilities will be ready soon after the start of the season and some will happen mid-season. For example, in order to move the club shop and open up some of the bars in the West Stand, we need the Conference Centre to be completed so that the Players Lounge guests move into there and then the old Players Lounge becomes free and we can make the changes. We would ask supporters to bear with us through this period of change but I am sure all will agree that a period of short term change for the long term gain is well worth going through.

"As with any building project, target dates and expected completion dates are changing all the time and we will keep supporters updated with changes as and when they happen."

We are aware that supporters have a number of questions about the new facilities, and there will be a series of FAQ on the web site in the next few days.

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